“It is the set of the sails, not the direction of the wind that determines which way we will go.”

– Jim Rohn


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“Success is not to be pursued, it is be attracted by the person you become.”

– Jim Rohn

Have you had moments in life where you felt you are heading straight for the rocks? And then others where you are gliding effortlessly in calm seas with the wind at your back?

We all enjoy the smooth sailing, but what happens when the storm comes along and the fear of losing your boat and everything to the deep blue?

The storms are where we discover what we’re made of and how to find our inner compass again. But how do you weather the storm with confidence and without losing all your bearings?

I’ll show you how to stay or get back on course…

I have extensive experience in surviving life’s challenges, including losing my boat.  To get back on course towards my goals, I retrained my brain, reset my attitude and my subconscious core beliefs. I have had to relaunch many times.

You too can relaunch your boat, raise new sails, trim them carefully and set a new course to new goals. Have you checked in on your course in life lately?

We are all subject to sudden and radical change, it is best to be prepared to weather the storms. There are tools and lessons you can put into your quiver to give you confidence to sail through the storms. You should strive to live and love fully in every moment, regardless of any crisis that may have happened or might happen!

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Is there something niggling at you to make improvements or adjustments in your life? Are you trying to resolve unfortunate situations, events or conditions in your life on your own? If you are not completely satisfied with where you are in some aspects of your life, you should be making changes to reach your maximum potential. You may be holding yourself back with limited beliefs and emotional issues which may keep you from reaching that finish line. I want to show you how you can change all of that.

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In Asia I saw many Buddhas, sometimes there was a room of 100 or more and they all were of equal stature and size. They were all their own ‘special’ Buddhas and that is how you should see yourself = Special! Have you thought about what changes would help you become your true authentic self and allow you to move forward with your own unique story able to share your special message and gifts with the world? Have you even asked yourself the questions? I would like to share how you can identify what changes would help you propel forward. From there you will be able to make changes which will set you on course to live the life you want to live and to find your own true purpose and passion.

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If you feel stuck, or that your feelings are getting in the way of your full potential, let’s address that. Are there things that you wish you could change in order to be truly happy? What is holding you back from making those changes and really meeting and exceeding your goals?

You have everything you need inside you right now! Believe it! Unfurl your sails, set new ones – so that you can rise-up and live as your higher self and gift the world with your story or product.

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“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”

– Jim Rohn


I have developed unique and powerful tools to help you get in touch with your true purpose and passion.  This can validate your current life path, or it can address some areas in your life which can lead you to a clear path towards your ultimate goals.  The process will also make your goals become clearer.  An action plan on how to go from where you are today to your new life will be developed, targeted and will be specific to your life.

Life is an incredible adventure. You only have one, so we need to work to maximize its potential for joy, happiness and fulfillment.


Are you holding onto to past regrets and emotional trauma? None of us can afford to carry this baggage through life. Most of us just accept life as it is, this can rob us from living in our authentic truth and purpose. We need to craft it to lead us towards ultimate fulfillment in our lives, which is possible to attain.  Yes, it will take exploration and work, but the results are priceless.

I am confident, that with your answers to some of your own questions and with the utensils I offer to help guide you, you can create a path that will make your dreams come true, if you focus and believe in them with intention and follow-through on them.

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“Days are expensive. When you spend a day you have one less day to spend. So make sure you spend each one wisely.”

– Jim Rohn

Next Steps… Learn About ‘Constructive Living’

Contact us to learn about different programs and how we can help you with a tailor-made program just for you.


Is to share my adventures and experiences which have afforded me an incredible amount of experience in meeting the challenges we all have in life. I have started over from scratch numerous times and survived a multitude of traumas and hardships. I have learned and developed processes that I can share and teach which I hope will help you become all that you wish to be.


For people to live and love fully in every moment, regardless of any crisis that may have happened or might happen!


To create a new day for anyone coping with a traumatic event.  Finding peace in your heart.  Loving yourself.  Living each day with more passion and purpose.  And that’s only the beginning. You will create the life you were meant to have and find what you can offer to the world!

“Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

– Jim Rohn


ANNIE EVANS is a master of many trades. She has been a leader in different fields and areas, so she has a wide base of experience. Her strength is in understanding and finding balance in life. We all must overcome challenges and find solutions which will propel us forward towards our goals. and remedies

her rich life experience has empowered her to help people dealing with difficult circumstances and events.

Author, speaker, coach and trainer focusing on helping people to become their best selves. Currently a California Realtor, she loves to make peoples’ real estate dreams come true. Honesty and integrity is core to everything that Annie does.

Central to Annie’s knowledge on life, is the time she spent living at sea on that 57’ Catamaran, logging 44,000 sea miles as celestial navigator (before GPS) throughout the Pacific and living and working in many countries. Dealing with extraordinary situations and conditions throughout her life has given her an databank of responses to most any of our life’s surprises.

Life through Annie a lot of curve balls, but she was determined and has developed a process that allowed her to transcend those unexpected life events and to live a fabulous adventurous life spanning several successful careers. She has been a horse trainer, a celestial navigator, worked in fashion and architecture, project manager and business advisor, product developer, home/interior designer and international supply chain director (she took one start-up from $7million to $25million).

ANNIE EVANS studies at ‘Global Reality’ to this day. She has traveled the world and values the rich cultural experiences and diversity she has been able to be part of. She also believes in all humanity and values our differences. ‘Sharing food and smiles across a table goes a long way towards peace,’ she says. ‘I pride myself on always being a problem solver, something that has been lacking in traditional education.’

She also has formed a 501(c)3 in her late brother’s name who succumbed to complications from mental illness, the William Parke Evans Foundation. She is hoping she can help others with mental illness and to carry on the legacy of ideas he wasn’t able to bring to fruition and do anything possible to be part of making the world better. Her compassion for others is paramount to how she wants to live her life going forward, endeavoring to have positive influence in as many areas of need as possible.

ANNIE EVANS has mentored many of her employees and others. She looks to lift-up those she works with and find positions which bring out their best work product and leads them down their life path. She has been challenged with a lot of trauma, but just keeps lifting herself up time and again. She hopes to share her experience to help others.

Annie currently loves her home and her dog in Ventura, California. She is a lover of nature and is grateful she has lived in many of the most beautiful places in the world, including Yosemite National Park, Big Sur and Malibu and other places. She loves photography (don’t be surprised to see her publish some in the future), travel, sailing, horses and all animals. She also hopes to help indigenous and other disenfranchised people who are marginalized in this and other countries.

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“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Rohn

It’s Your Own Extraordinary Adventure

Your life is like none other. It’s had highs, lows, and everything in between. There were the moments that have defined you, allowed you to feel unabashed joy, and others created walls around your heart.

Think about those moments. How have they shaped your current life? Do you need to make adjustments and/or changes to realize your true potential?

I hope to help you navigate the rough waters, lift-up your sinking hopes, and assist you in setting your sails on course to the star-filled map of your life. You are the captain of your own quest. I simply work with you to provide a clearer map.

I was able to learn processes which allowed me to always step forward to start completely over whenever need.  I continue to seek my own personal growth and I also encourage, and hope others do the same. I look to help you refine the process of managing life’s twists and turns.

“Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

– Jim Rohn